Founder and CEO at Intera

Two years ago we started Intera, Interactive Content and Publishing platform.
To our surprise, goals we had from the very beginning, now can be described with the current popular buzzwords:

  • Low-Code/No-Code
  • Supper Apps
  • Passion Economy


We have an idea of an interactive publishing platform, in a form of books. Our platform allows anybody to easily create quality and immersive content, comparable to the gaming industry standards. Anybody can create such advanced interactive content without being a programmer.

We developed a technology and language that can express different types of content and view it in one app. We have example books such as: Brick Game, Comics, Brain, AI Game and they look and behave totally different, but still they run in one app, in our Viewer.

To create interactive books, we are building an Editor. It will be very simple regardless of book type and still allow anybody to produce advanced content.

To achieve such a goal, we will use ML and AI. Each book type will have an editor based on a specialised AI. As we get more editors types, we will be closer to having a generic Editor for any type of content, but still very simple and intuitive to use.

This is a very ambitious goal, but we believe we know how to get there.

Super App

Ability to create apps from just a text file and run them in one app, makes our app also a super app. This is similar to the ideas that I heard in Sixteen Minutes podcast #35, about Apple App Clips.

Our technology will allow more people to create apps for super apps.

For business we can easily make it as white label super app, so they build apps specific to them.

Passion Economy

If the first two buzzwords I knew before, a passion economy is new to me. I heard about it for the first time from your recent Connie Chan (a16a) interviews and articles.

In simple words, people want to do things they have passion for and make money from it too. For example in forms of digital media, like comics, instruction manuals, interactive tutorials, independent writers and content makers.

We offer an ecosystem, to produce interesting and quality content, with easy to use tools and a marketplace. All in one place. Just take our editor on your mobile device or laptop, create content and publish it in our marketplace


This became one of our main business models overtime.

What we achieved

Some facts about the amount of product-related (technical) work we’ve done in two years:

  • 80 thousands lines of code
  • 30+ frameworks, all native code
  • DSL — our own domain specific language
  • Interactive content text format
  • In DSL we can express a number of different book types
  • A Viewer app which can view all these very different type of books (apps)
  • Recently, we started working on an Editor, to build these books interactively
  • Groundwork has been done to build a marketplace for books and assets

We will start with interactive books (Amazon also started with books :)), which itself is huge, but eventually we will move to almost endless vertical markets. We are open to share in more details, much deeper insights about technology, business and market opportunities.

A number of major technical challenges were solved, which brought us to our solid technological foundation that we have right now. Having a clear plan for design, development and business teams and combining it with our good understanding of the market opportunities and business, we are ready to conquer the AppStore (initially) and then the other marketplaces.

What we offer

Our company is based in Sunnyvale, California and is incorporated in Delaware. Team of two, self funded and with limited resources we already achieved good results. Having no debts and other investors involved, we are the only owners of the company.

There is a unique opportunity to get this interactive media market to the next level. Similar situation with search engines of Google times .

We believe this is a unique opportunity to build a unicorn startup and we have all it takes to achieve it. We are looking for partners who share our vision and are ready to achieve it with us.